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My husband was diagnosed with HC... how much contagious may be for me ( 68, with kidney surgery last Nov)

  1. Hi , thanks for posting and sharing your circumstance with us. Hepatitis C is transmitted when infected blood gets into the bloodstream of someone who doesn’t have HCV. If you've had exposure to your husband's blood, we recommend getting tested for hep C. There are two primary tests used to diagnosis hepatitis C: a blood test to measure antibodies to HCV. If they are confirmed, then other tests are available to detect the presence of the virus and the stage of the disease. Your healthcare team may recommend other testing too depending on you and your husband's health history. I hope this is helpful.

    If you want to connect with someone over the phone, Help-4-Hep is a free peer counseling resource. Many of their counselors have personal experience with hep C and treatment. They can be reached from 9am-9pm EST at 877‑435‑7443.

    Do keep us in the loop about your situation? We're here with you for support. Warmly, Matt (Team Member,

    1. Hi . What a great year to be born!! I just wanted to add that you are not at higher risk of contracting HepatitisC because of your kidney surgery (I hope you are feeling well) than anyone else my friend. Risk occurs only in blood to blood transmission. How is your husband doing? Is he in process of getting worked up to treat and cure his HepatitisC? I hope so. Also, I do just want to second Matt’s suggestion to contact help4hep at 877-435-7443 M-F if you or hubby need extra help. Please stay connected and most of all be well my friend. All care to you, Randy, Community Moderator

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