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I just found out I may have hep c

I'm 44 and just recently found out I have it what do I need to know what do I do I do not have insurance and do not have a Dr

  1. Hi . That is a very difficult situation. My heart goes out to you. You definitely need a doctor to get a prescription for treatment. Once you get the prescription, there are programs that can help you pay for it or even provide it free of charge. Is there a community health clinic in your area or somewhere nearby, someplace with free or sliding-scale care? Are you eligible for Medicaid? Your county's social services office and/or health department can help you find a cliniic or get Medicaid. Thankfully, Hep C is a disease we all want to eradicate, so many communities have programs in place to help. You can also contact this non-profit organization for help finding resources near you: Once you have that prescription, you can apply to drug companies for financial assistance. Most companies have very generous income guidelines. Here is an article about financial assistance for medication that might interest you: The good news is that Hep C is curable. Hopefully, you have suffered no long-term liver damage and you will be free of the virus in a few months. I hope this helps and that you get the treatment you need and deserve. Please keep us posted if you don't mind. I will be thinking of you. - Lori (Team Member)

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