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What initial symptoms did you experience with hep C?

Share and discuss your early symptoms or signs of hep C with the community.

  1. I had an upset stomach with diarrhea and lost 10 lbs in a few days thought I was catching Covid. Earlier in the winter I was cold all the time and had a funny pain in the back of my shoulder. Soon I felt better and because of Covid never went to the Dr until this January. I'm a baby boomer so no telling how long I have had it but no noticeable symptoms until last July even then I had no idea how serious my condition was.

    1. Thank you for sharing with us. How are you feeling these days? Have you been able to speak with your doctor about hep C treatment? -Matt (Community Manager)

  2. I'm waiting to get a TB test now it seems I'm never getting any treatment since I now am waiting on my primary care office to call me back. There has been so many obstacles to work thru and still no medication. My gastro Dr has been working with my insurance to get a PA. My insurance will not cover the medication that the USC Dr recommended so trying to get anything to use has been difficult. Some days I just think the insurance company is hoping I'll die so they don't have to provide anything. I've been working thru all these problems since March when they denied treatment. I will not give up and have learned alot and I am not close to dying actually my virus count has gone down since I was first tested and I feel good since I've gone to a dietitian and have been following her plan. Hoping to know soon how I will be treated.

    1. I’m glad you aren’t giving up. Insurance companies are very difficult to get around. I’ve also had to go through leaps and bounds for medications, such Hep C meds. I’m also happy that you are maintaining a good attitude and having continuous care through your Hep C journey. Keep us posted. (Leslie, Community Moderator)

  3. My first indication that something was wrong was around March when I woke up in a pool of runny poop. (2 weeks after getting a new mattress). Then a few moths later my skin and eyes turned yellow and I couldn't stop itching. In July I got my blood taken then I was sent to hospital then I few days later I got the diagnosis. The first few weeks after getting out of hospital I was constantly drained and was sleeping all the time.

    I think the jaundice stage has passed now, my skin and eyes seem to be back to normal and my bodily wastes are looking normal again too. I'm quite lucky to live where I do because on Monday I've to start a 12 week course of Zepatier which wont cost me a penny. Even south of the border in England they limit the prescription of Zepatier. In England for 100,000 cases of Hep C they only allocate 10,000 scripts a year and that's only for the people with the worst cases. Here in Scotland we have separate funding for Hep C treatment but the nurse dealing with me and my girlfriend's cases said the funding could be pulled at any time. Heard it's something like £8,400 per 28 day course. I heard that Harvoni was around double that. Must be a nightmare in the States having to deal with insurance companies who may or may not fund the treatment. I wonder how it works in the US for those who don't have or can't afford health insurance?

    1. I was diagnosed with non-A non-B hepatitis in 1992 while donating blood. No symptoms present. A friend with the same diagnosis gave me a research manual from the Liver Foundation to help me understand the disease. My first doctor was an intern specializing in hepatitis diseases, he was a godsend of useful information. I never did the interferon treatment because several friends committed suicide while taking it.
      I waited.
      In 2017, I started and completed the Harvoni treatment. It wasn't until I was "cured" that I realized I had been in constant pain with relentless fatigue.

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