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I'm New Here: Just saying hi!

Good morning! Just wanted to say hi! I joined these forums looking to connect with other people with Hep C. This is all new for me. I found out last week when I got a letter from the blood bank saying there was a problem with my recent donation. I got an additional blood test from my doctor which confirmed the results. I've been referred to a GI specialist but their next appointment is not until July. In the meantime I am left with nothing but questions and nobody to talk to :-/

  1. Hi there. I am sorry you have to wait so long for your appointment. That is so frustrating. But please know that treating hepatitis C is never an emergency. It is a very slowly progressive virus, if it progresses at all. The great news is there is a cure that is an oral treatment, that takes 8-12 weeks, has minimal side effects, and cures almost 100% of patients. You will be fine. We are happy to answer any questions, so feel free to ask us anything. Please try not to worry. Everything will be fine. (Sue, Community Moderator) P.S. Did you ask if the doctor's office keeps a cancellation list?

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