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I need to find medical consultant who will work with my case

Hi! I am not asking for members to help me find a particular doctor, rather I am asking for members to help me locate medical consultants that in turn will help me find the right doctor.
1. Age 42, male, height- 5′5″, weight-143,3 lbs., non-smoker, living in Texas.
2. As far as symptoms, they are due to medical treatment that was for childhood Hepatitis C, as in all symptoms began during treatment and now remain (excessive exhaustion, severe brain fog, constant lightheadedness, memory issues, photophobia), although Hepatitis C is no more after treatment.
3. Treatment began in 2016. I was treated for 3 months with Harvoni.
We have seen a few doctors for the issue, they have ruled out autoimmune, and MRI showed to be normal (as per doctors), and after they rule certain things out they simply let us go, that is why we are asking for a Professional Consultants who can advise which specialized doctors are because doctors just dropped the case, so Professional Consultants who will take the case and will lead the case with the goal of actually helping us take the case to a certain completion.

  1. hi and please forgive my late response! First, I’m thankful you’re cured. I’m truly sorry you’re dealing with so many extra hepatic conditions my friend. You said you were treated as a child? Was that with interferon and ribavirin? So sadly, that left many of us with long lasting damage and side effects. Medical consultants (providers) who are actively researching and assessing are few; though it’s happening. I’m not a doctor but personally I had autoimmune ruled out by rheumatologist and I have autoimmune disease! There is a group at the NIH researching ppl who were treated for conditions outside the liver (as you mentioned) The program includes extensive assessment and follow up for 10 years. Their contact person and phone number-Stefan Cooper 301-451-6984. I’d definitely give them a call to utilize as a possible guide to your needs. May I ask how much liver damage you sustained? I’ve actually had the best luck with endocrinologist, dermatologist and a really good hepatologist. So much more needs to be be done as so many are cured but remain with terrible leftovers. Please let us know how you make out. I’m more than sorry I don’t have more resources. Wishing you answers and solutions. You also may want to call a Cleveland or Mayo clinic, maybe.
    Please know you’re heard and not alone Kharkov!
    With much care,
    Randy, Community Moderator and former HepatitisC patient

    1. Hi, thank you for the reply. As far as my condition, I was not treated as a child, I was infected as a child and treated as an adult with HARVONI. As far as my liver, I got a clean bill of health, the liver was and is healthy.

      Thank you very much for your kind words!!!

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