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I was diagnosed 6 years ago having hepc because of my Iv drug use. I was stunned of the diagnosis but took it in stride because I didn't have any symptoms which is common. I am a military veteran and get all of my medical needs took care of at a VA hospital. Last year my doctor told me about a new treatment the VA was going to prescribe and I signed up for it. After only 8 weeks of treatment taking Harvoni once a day, I can say I am cured. I feel really humbled to be free of this disease. I got free treatment. Did not cost me a dime. Well I served 12 years protecting America so I don't feel to bad. I wish everyone could be treated with Harvoni at a reasonable cost .If any one knows a veteran with Hepc tell them to go to their nearest VA and get treated. Thanks for hearing me out.

  1. Hi Myofb1,

    Thanks for sharing your experience with us! And congratulations on receiving treatment and being cured! Such great news. Again, thanks for sharing, we always love hearing our community members' stories. Hope you have a wonderful day.


    Meaghan ( Team)

    1. Just finished my fourth week of harvoni. No side effects worth mentioning. Nice surprises, eye whites became WHITE the second week, urine pale yellow, my limbs and joints feel lighter, I have great energy, anxiety which was ever present melted away, I sleep better and wake rested, I have a real appetite (not because of or to quench nausea - which is gone too). I feel like I am brand new. Mental sharpness, clarity and concentration much better too. Had the darn disease so long I forgot what feeling good really meant.

  2. Thank you for selflessly serving our great country! Congratulations on getting better too! If anyone deserves a second chance it would be one of our nations heroes!

    1. Thank you Cas for the positive comments.

  3. I'm due to begin my Harvoni treatment this week. Can anyone give me some information about the size of the pills? I have such a phobia of swallowing large pills!!

    1. Gabbie Harvoni pills are large. Ask your Dr if you can cut them in half and then take a half separately.

  4. I've done really well with swallowing the pills!! Yea me!! I'm just finishing up my first bottle and am going to the Texas Liver Institute to see what the latest blood test reveal. So excited to see if the viral load is lessened OR gone!!!! The Harvoni kicked my butt most days of this first treatment month but I realize it's happening for a most excellent reason.

    1. YES Gabbiegal! That's great!!

      Please keep us posted on your trip to the Texas Liver Institute! We're here for you, and hoping you receive the best news possible! I'm sorry the Harvoni was rough most days, but I'm so glad to hear you've been fighting though it! Sending hugs your way! -Casey, Team

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