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Got my second opinion results

Got my second opinion results and great news!
May recall with my prior questions, had blood results saying I was stage 2/3 and an ultrasound saying they found a contour liver so I got a second opinion.
Did fibroscan scan today and found out that I had a 5.7 score which is great news. Did say that my cap Score (fatty liver)was 260 which isn’t great but I’ll take it.
33 years of HCV which hopefully I’ve gotten rid of will know for sure in September, no damage to this point I consider myself lucky. A lot of that has to do with I never drank, smoked and was very active throughout my life because of my job.

  1. I’m glad that you received a second opinion and that everything went well. Sometimes, second and even third opinions are needed to have the best quality care and outcome. Thank you for updating us. (Leslie, Community Moderator)

    1. Way to go! Sometimes getting that second opinion seems like too much work. It really paid off for you to get some good news.
      I'm looking forward to hearing about your final lab results in September. I treated during the late summer months too. I hope you're feeling good!
      Take care,
      Karen (Moderator)

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