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Fibroscan: My results say I am between stages?

Did a fibroscan test it came back stage 2/3.Ultrasound says cirrhosis with a few nodules. Can’t talk to the doctor just started treatment for some reason it’s impossible to have a discussion with him. Confused by results? So technically I am early stage III so somehow I skipped an entire stage and went straight to cirrhosis based on ultrasound compare to bloodwork.

  1. Hi Grant. The confusion over stage is more common than we like to think. Even when biopsy was required before treatment we never knew how accurate the results were. It really depended on where the doctor took the sample. We were told there was a 30% sampling error. The good thing is that with the newest treatments that are available it doesn't matter as much to know your stage because just about everyone is cured and in time you will likely have improvement in your liver histology. You can ask your doctor what he believes about the cirrhosis diagnosis. With cirrhosis there are things that the doctor can see in your labwork such as low platelets that would tip him off. I wish you the best with treatment.

    1. Thank you I really appreciate your reply. I have a really good platelet count all my numbers are actually really good that’s why this was such a shock. I’m on day 19 of my treatment go in next week to see if it’s working.Had biopsy a 2008 with no damage I had had it for 18 years at that point and was relying on my blood work and with good numbers I thought I was fine to wait but obviously I waited too damn late.I figured with 18 years under my belt with no damage how bad could it be 14 years later? Well apparently went 4 stages in that time unless the ultrasound is inaccurate.

      1. Platelets are around 290, the thing that really gets me is if I am cirrhosis that means I have to be watched every six months and honestly obviously hoping to move on with life after cure now it seems as though this is all even worse than when I thought I just had hepatitis C.

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