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Epclusa treatment: What was your experience?

So I’ve known I’ve had help c for about 16 years at this point. I’m finally going to start treatments on Monday and am very nervous. Can anyone please tell me there experience with Epclusa. Trying to stay positive but I also want to be realistic and I know the doctors don’t give you the full picture

  1. Hi Johnnataylor86, congratulations on soon starting treatment! I'm interested to see what our community members will share about Epclusa treatment, several people have shared using the medication. Our patient advocate Daniel has discussed his experience with Epclusa.

    One important consideration is that everyone can respond differently to direct-acting antiviral medications. If you're feeling unwell throughout treatment, you should let your HCP or doctor know what you're experiencing. I'm wishing you a comfortable and easy experience with treatment! Good luck. We're here for you. -Matt (Community Manager)

    1. Hi Johnna. What wonderful news that you are starting treatment. I can't comment on Epclusa from personal experience, but being a moderator here I can tell you that wecrarely hear complaints about any of the direct acting anti virals. i think you will be pleased that treatment is of short duration, with few side effects, if any, and it works almost 100% of the time. You will do great! (Sue, Community Moderator)

      1. I just finished Epclusa 6 weeks ago. I was non detectable within 3 weeks of treatment. I’ve had Hep C for over 40 years. I had to quit working and go on disability 20 years ago due to the debilitating symptoms Hep C caused me. Epclusa was a very easy treatment for me. Side effects were fatigue, headache and a little nausea. Very doable since I’m used to not feeling well. I’m very hopeful that I will feel better in time now that I’m cured.

        1. I’m glad you received treatment for Hep C. I was on Epclusa for 3 months because I willingly accepted an organ that had Hepatitis C. During the duration of the treatment, I didn’t experience any side effects from Epclusa. I definitely understand your concerns about Epclusa and remaining positive during the treatment. To give you some encouragement, I‘ve been “cured” from Hep C for two years now. Continue to remain positive and know that you’re not alone.

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