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Epclusa / toenail fungus

I have been taking Epclusa for 4 weeks now after close to 25 years with HepC. The side effects have not been awful. I do get headaches sometimes and the first couple weeks got a headache daily but now I already feel better than I did before starting treatment.

One thing that has me stumped and I wanted to see if anyone else had anything similar happen. I have had been fighting a toenail fungus for about 10 years and it is impossible to get rid of. Got it from a pedicure over 10 years ago. The toenail had gotten so thick It would literally put holes in my socks.. (gross I know) but now It went away on its own. It is normal thickness, looks healthy and no sign of fungus. I’m assuming it’s the epclusa since that’s the only thing I’m taking, has anyone else had this happen?

  1. That's really interesting, . You must be thrilled by that side effect. I have not heard of a connection between Epclusa and toenail fungus and I didn't find anything in a quick Google search, but it is always possible that the medicaton is responsible for clearing it up. It might be interesting to email the manufacturer and ask. I asked in another thread how your treatment is going. I am glad you are feeling well and I hope the trend continues. Warmly, Lori (Team Member)

    1. It really is, I can’t imagine it healed itself after 10 years trying everything but maybe it is my immune system being able to fight other things and not just hep c.

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