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5 Reasons to Get Cured of Hepatitis C 

Are you looking for the top 5 reasons to get cured of hepatitis C? Living with hep C puts you at risk for many other diseases, and untreated, it can destroy your liver. When I was diagnosed, there was no cure. We were begging for one. Newer treatments mean that most people can be completely free from hep C, fast, and with few side effects. Some people, like me, fought to get the medicine that they need to clear the virus; Others may put it off, waiting and watching instead of being cured.

So, here are 5 reasons to get cured of hepatitis C:

1. There is a cure

There is no other virus on the planet that has a complete cure. Think of it... The flu, colds, measles, chicken pox, many types of hepatitis, and stomach virus have no cure. You have to let them play out. Your doctor can help manage the symptoms of these other viruses, but there is no cure. Ah, but with hep C, there IS a cure. With regular medication, taken over a short period of time, it can be gone forever. End of story.Sustained virologic response, or SVR. I’ve been Hep C free for 6 years now.

2. There are risks of other disease

Since hep C basically takes over your liver, it affects everything. Your liver is a large and very important organ that filters, stores, and regulates everything in your body. As it weakens, your immune system gets broken down and can cause autoimmune-linked diseases that harm your liver or affect your blood flow, like cryoglobulinemia and chronic skin issues. Hep C can also contribute to the development of diabetes. In addition, kidney function can decline. I only have one kidney, so this one scared me. When your liver can’t regulate food absorbtion, increased fat can develop, causing non-alcoholic steatosis. Finally, you can add heart disease to all that, which also makes it more than scary.

3. The newer drugs have fewer side effects

Most people treating have very few side effects, and cannot even tell that they are on medication. They rest and eat right, and soon, they are hep C free. For decades, the treatment almost killed you. This list of side effects was crazy long – I had almost all of them. They included: hair loss, nausea, skin rash, diarrhea, rashy bottom, anemia, low platelets, bleeding, detached retina, not to mention fatigue, and super flu-like symptoms. In spite of that, I took the risk and got through almost a year of treatment.

4. The new treatment time is short

Taking very few pills, for a super short period of time seems ridiculously easy, but it’s true. Instead of a year with injections and weekly blood draws, now you take a few pills and stay in contact with your doctor for a few months.

5. You can live longer

Honestly, I have saved the best answer for last. I remember when my liver failed from long term hep C. They said I wouldn’t see Christmas. Then, because I had been sick for so long, I got liver cancer or HCC. Again, I made it long enough to get a liver transplant. It is pure joy to be alive and hep C free. I can tackle aging, and any other problems that comes my way.

Final thoughts

In case you are debating, I hope my 5 reasons to get cured of Hep C help you to make the right choice. Talk to your doctor about the options available to you.

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