A woman in a bathing suit sits in a desert landscape, the cracks of the dry earth beneath her showing through as cracks on her cracked, dry skin.

Skin Symptoms Caused By Hepatitis C

Skin symptoms are a common side effect of hepatitis C. To learn more about hep C skin symptoms (which can include dry skin, itching, bumps, rash, redness, purple spots), we asked our advocates to share their experiences with skin issues caused by hepatitis C. If you are experiencing skin symptoms, check-out their responses below!

From Connie

When I was doing my treatment, I experienced some itching, dry skin, rash, and some red spotty areas. My doctor warned me to stay out of direct sun for extended periods of time. I used Aveeno bath packets in warm water and lotion to help with rash and dry skin. My doctor also prescribed medication to help relieve itching that helped tremendously. All skin issues went away while I was in recovery from treatment. Read more from Connie here.

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From Daryl

Skin issues have plagued me for years, and they were made worse with hep C, and treatment with interferon and ribavirin was an all-time low. Rashes so bad that I described my back as looking like a bad pepperoni pizza. I used antihistamines and some topical lotions and creams which helped some, but the itchiness was extreme at times and I still have fits years after being cured. Read more from Daryl here.

From Kim

With my hep C, and even after being cured, I have very dry, itchy skin that gets so bad it cracks and bleeds. I do also get rashes and tiny purple looking dots on my skin. These spots come and go. Sometimes it's on my leg’s other times on my arms and stomach. I have tried numerous things to help sooth my discomfort, but what I use faithfully now is my homemade regime - Coconut oil (refined) and I add a drop of lavender or eucalyptus to it to create a soft scent. The coconut oil can be oily, but if you allow it to soak into your skin, it really does the trick. It has also taken away the itchy feeling I get. Read more from Kim here.

From Sue

I did have some skin manifestations of the virus. I had a few very itchy lichen planus lesions on my arm which went away with something the dermatologist gave me. I also had small red dots that turned brown as they faded on my legs. This often happens in cirrhotic patients due to the leakage of blood in small capillaries. For me, it happened the most in hot weather and in my feet and ankles. This is a common finding in cirrhotic patients, possibly due to low platelet counts, and is called petechiae. Lastly, I had a six-month case of urticaria (hives) that nearly drove me crazy; Strangely enough, they were at their worst when I woke up in the morning. They were mainly on my chest and upper back. In the evening, you could barely see them. I went to an allergist who put me on a strong anti-histamine, which helped with the terrible itch. As quickly as the hives appeared, they disappeared in six months. Read more from Sue here.

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