Could I Have Hep C with No Symptoms?

"Could I have hep C with no symptoms?" Yes! It’s absolutely possible that you could have hep C with no symptoms. Right after getting exposed to the virus, you could have an initial flare up or even early warning signs. After that, you can be totally asymptomatic. Be careful, though, because the invisible symptoms could be lurking in your liver.

My experience

My life is a classic case of walking around for years like nothing was wrong. Inside, hep C was silently destroying my liver. By that time, it was almost too late for me. My liver was badly damaged and I got liver cancer. If there is a chance that you've been exposed, talk it over with your doctor. Also, if you have any of the early symptoms of acute hep C, make a list of those signs. Even if you feel a little bit like a hypochondriac, it’s better to know for sure by getting tested.

"I'm good", I thought. Seriously, everyone thought I was the life of the party. On weekends, my home was the hangout, and I loved to have my family and friends over to play games, watch sports, or just sit around listening to music. However, there were small signs that popped up over the years. For example, I  began experiencing skin problems and bruised more easily. It never occurred to me that those could be signs of of advanced liver disease.

Hep C with no symptoms can be a killer

Many people don't understand that they could have hep C with no symptoms, and even be very sick. In fact, I had my 40th birthday party and didn't know that I was getting liver damage the whole time. It made me angry to discover that I could have hep C and no symptoms. I had some allergy and stomach problems and even went to specialists. No one knew that a virus was killing my liver.

Taking smart steps to protect yourself

First, if you could have been exposed, get a simple blood test. If someone you are close to already has hep C, even if they don't have symptoms, encourage them to go with you. You may help to save a friend's life.

Second, if you feel like you’ve got the flu, notice the time and duration. Hepatitis C is a virus that inflames your liver. Your body’s immune system can send off alarms that feel like fatigue, body, aches, brain fog, and other symptoms. Again, a simple test will reveal if you have the hep C antibodies.

You can have hep C with no symptoms

Yes, and it's still possible to spread the virus to others, even if you have hep C and have no symptoms. You can also learn more about transmission of hep C. For instance, the virus cannot be spread through causal contact, so being around someone who is coughing, sneezing, kissing, or sharing food utensils won't infect you.

The hep C Virus is often called "the silent killer". A person definitely could have Hep C with no symptoms at all. They may think that everything is going fine, and then have liver failure. Don't be like me and suffer with cirrhosis. Instead, get tested so that you can begin treatment and get cured.

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