Getting to Sleep with Hepatitis C

Getting to sleep with hepatitis C has its challenges. On some days, your body is super tired, but you lie awake at night, tossing and turning.

Here are some tips to help you get a better night's sleep, even with reverse sleep pattern from advanced liver disease.

Get into a bedtime routine

Start brushing your teeth and getting yourself settled in about an hour before you need to be in bed.

Soothe your soul

Sip on a warm drink (that doesn’t contain caffeine!) to help you relax. Take a long hot bath or shower using magnesium salts or even a shower gel.

Try a supplement

Ask your doctor if you can take melatonin, or magnesium. One of them helps reset your circadian rhythm, and the other is known to relax your muscles,  helping you to calm down and rest.

Listen to soft, ambient music

Relaxing waves sounds, or even nature sounds can help you to relax. Soft flute music or anything that slows your brain waves down is good.

Turn off technology

While some people like a television playing in the background, the light may keep you awake. Turn the lights down low and signal to your brain that you are ready to relax. You can try listening to a relaxing meditation as you are dozing off.

If you are having trouble getting to sleep with hepatitis C, these tips can help you fall asleep faster:

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