Getting a Good Nights Sleep.

Getting a Good Night's Sleep

Last updated: February 2022

In case you haven’t noticed, sleep can be hard to come by when you’re dealing with the hepatitis C virus. In fact, if you have any liver disease at all, reverse sleep pattern is common. That is when you can’t sleep well, especially at night - then you want to doze off and on all day. It seems like when you need a good night’s rest the most, you are wide awake.

My tips for getting your body ready for bed

Lack of sleep can hurt you in so many ways. There are some things you can do to help you drift off into dreamland. Check them out and see what works for you.

  1. Technology is not our friend at bedtime. Your computer, television, phone or other devices can rev you up. It keeps your brain overly alert and you miss your natural sleepy time cues.
  2. Turning down lights and using a soft lamp in the evening can calm your senses down.
  3. Tune in to your body’s needs. If you feel tired and glued to the chair, your body may be telling you to go lay down in bed.
  4. If you are hungry, get a high protein, low sugar snack.
  5. If you are yawning a lot, maybe it’s time to go get your teeth brushed and head for bed.
  6. Routines are comforting. By doing the same thing every night, your body gets the message to relax and sleep.
  7. Before you ease into bed, take a minute to stretch the sheets, straighten your covers, and fluff your pillows.
  8. Cleanse your body by taking a warm bath. Use magnesium salts if your doctor approves. It can help relax the muscles and also your mind.
  9. Using a warm wet cloth on your face helps to wash some of the day off. Close your eyes and let the cloth lay there for a few minutes.
  10. If your skin is dry, try putting some soothing lotion on, especially the rough spots like knees, elbows, and heels.
  11. Keep a glass of water beside your bed.
  12. Listen to soft music. You may try listening to a relaxation meditation, nature sounds, or ocean waves.
  13. Read calming books or scriptures.
  14. Avoid reading or listening to anything that will conjure up negative thoughts or emotions.

My tips for getting your subconscious ready for bed

Say good things to yourself. I once read that a person should say a strong and positive statement before going to sleep. That way, the good words will be in your subconscious mind. I’ll share a few of mine:

  • "I have no fear."
  • "I am content."
  • "All my needs are supplied."
  • "It is well with my soul."
  • "Everything is going to work out."

The consequences of poor sleep

Several hours of good sleep is essential to our health. Lack of sleep can also lead to crazy eating patterns. This contributes to making poor food choices and can lead to weight gain. Lack of sleep can also lead to more mistakes in our decision making. We are not able to do our jobs as well because we have hazy thinking. When our mind is tired, it can lead to depression and anxiety too.

Your body needs good sleep every night. Many doctors believe that Americans don’t get enough sleep to restore their body. Try some of these tips to see if you can get a better nights sleep. It may take time for a new routine to get started. Let your doctor know that you are working on it. Ask for suggestions from your health care providers. Relax and look forward to better health from better sleep.

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