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5 Myths about Hepatitis C 

There are so many myths about having Hep C. In this video, I call NOPE on 5 of them.

  1. "You know if you’ve got it." NOPE. The only way to know you have it is to get tested.
  2. "You can get hep C through casual contact." NOPE. Hep C infected blood has to get into your bloodstream for transmission to occur.
  3. "Viruses have no cure." NOPE. Hepatitis C is the only virus in the world to have a cure.
  4. "Hep C is sexually transmitted." NOPE. There would have to be Hep C infected blood passed into a persons blood stream while having sex in order for it to happen... Think about that.
  5. "Hep C goes away on its own." NOPE. But there is a cure and it’s one pill a day, taken for several weeks.

Now you know the truth (and lies!) about hep C. Are there any lies you've been told or myths about hep C that you want to bust? Comment below!

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