Sexually Active During Hep C Treatment

Even after my partner and I were sexually active, I didn’t want to discuss my  health. I had been denied the current treatment of interferon shots and Ribavirin. Then, the meds were high on side effects, and also, my liver was decompensated. Then I met this nerdy, funny, and sexy guy. Instead of death, I had hope of curing hep C. We weren't afraid of being sexually active on hep C treatment.

At the time, the FDA was approving a new drug that would be combined with the older meds. With about a 90% cure rate in trials, it was the only choice at the time. After learning I was nervous about it, my partner even arranged to drive me to the appointment.

Treatment support

He went back with me, and I practically begged the doctor for treatment. That evening, he held me and declared, “Shoulder to shoulder, we’re going to beat hep C”. Our relationship blossomed, and I spent the night more often. Then, treatment started. I was the first round of people treating hep C with Incivik, Interferon, and Ribavirin. Before 2013, hep C treatment lasted about a year.

Back then, treatment was harsh, but the virus was now UND, or undetected. When my hair and skin looked rough, it was embarrassing. Soon, I had nausea, anemia, and other side effects. We recently talked about that period in our relationship. He admitted to thinking that being sexually active on hep C treatment might be bad for me.

His concerns about being sexually active during treatment

Recently, I asked my partner what he was worried about when I was on treatment.

Fear of hurting me troubled his mind

When my platelets were low, I bruised so easily. The first time he saw a bright purple spot on my leg, it shocked him.

I needed a lot of rest

If we were busy, or I even looked tired, sex was out of the question. However, he was always kind and tender.

I needed good nutrition

We cooked healthy, low-sodium food, made delicious protein shakes, and kept me going strong.

He helped me feel sexy

On nights I felt poorly, he would run a bath, or rub my back. We spent hours relaxing on the couch, listening to music. Sex can be other things besides full on sex, you know.

My appearance was never an issue

He bought more candles. When my hair fell out, I wore wigs. I walked regularly, and tried to look good for myself, and for him.

Getting in the mood

When I initiated sex, he was always receptive. Letting me lead took the fear out for him. If I had the energy, he was happy to enjoy our time together.

Lessons learned

In many ways, being sexually active during hep C treatment actually helped our love grow. We learned to communicate intimacy in many different ways, and our trust grew strong more quickly. In fact, our deepest thoughts, fears, and lifelong dreams were slowly revealed over that year. The physical test we endured had forged our bond for a lifetime. After my 6 month SVR, he bought a ring and planned our wedding. We’re still on our honeymoon, hep C free. I truly hope you are feeling good about yourself and your sex life on hep C Treatment- I've been there.

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