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Newly diagnosed

Stage 4 diagnosis but normal functioning liver?

  • By Edoherty1

    Hi Everyone! My mom was just diagnosed with stage 4 liver disease. Her doctor explained the damage to her liver in the same way a car, that’s been in an accident and has a smashed up hood and body, can still drive normally. It’s covered in cirrhosis but the liver itself is functioning normally. What’s hard to swallow is that less than 5yrs she had a liver biopsy that just showed signs of fatty liver, in such a short time it’s exceled to a stage 4 diagnosis?! Her doc believes it’s because of an underlying auto immune disorder… The research seems to say that this disease doesn’t deteriorate the liver this quickly, but maybe if the AA discorder is a factor it can? Her treatment so far is a heavy dose of steroids… has anyone else had a similar experience? Thanks so much for any advice/responses!

  • By Rick Nash Moderator


    Every cause of Hepatitis has a different pace, and there are tons of other personal health factors which can play a role.
    Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease(NAFLD) and it’s harsher form: Non-Alcoholic Stereo-Hepatitis (NASH) aren’t my area of expertise, contrary to my namesake.

    But in my case my liver damaged progressed rapidly over six years. at 22 I had very few symptoms and minimal f1 cirrhosis, at 24, things started to get a little rough and I was assigned a MELD score and by 28 most of my symptoms were incredibly hard to manage, even medically.

    For reference I was born with Hep C.

    I hope your mom is able to get the transplant she needs, if she ends up needing one! Also remember that liver transplantation is one of the few areas where living donors are sometimes possible.

    -Rick Nash (Six Time Treatment Dragon Slayer and Transplant Recipient )