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Spotlight: Pain Awareness

  • By Kelly McNamara Keymaster

    September is Pain Awareness Month. We want to hear how you manage pain from hepatitis C?

  • By youngdumbandbroke

    I just do normal exercises and then keep myself busy in little chores around home, gardening help to reduce the stress and pain. I hope it help others too…

  • By bradtexas

    I walk 8 miles a day since my Hip and joints can’t handle running. Prior to my 1st treatment I had a hard time walking. On Vosevi now for my 2nd treatment and have 3 weeks 6 days to go.I do not take anything for my pain because my liver has enough going on already. My biggest issue is pain when I get up after sitting or long car rides. Takes me a little while to loosen up.

  • By Candice Russell

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