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General Discussion

Self recovery

  • By allpurposetype

    I had no idea that there even was such a thing, but apparently there is and I’m one of the really lucky ones.
    I did something I rarely do today. I answered my phone and it was the Veterans Affairs Department calling to tell me that hepatitis C was no longer detectable in my system. That just about blew me off my feet. I’ve been living with this disease now for well over 20 years and even as recently as last year it seemed to be getting the better of me. Four months ago my gut was swelling way out of proportion. I was convinced I wasn’t long for this world so I scheduled appointments and had blood drawn several times and each time I was told that my viral load was getting better. Today I was informed that the virus is no longer detectable. The swelling is gone as well.
    I guess this is what happens when you eat radioactive spiders.. The person from the VA hepatology department are at a loss to explain it as well so they had been drawing blood regularly.
    The only thing in my life I’m doing different is that about 4 months ago I stopped eating meat and dairy products instead choosing a vegan diet.. I guess radioactive spiders are part of the diet and I was never told..
    Strange things happen..

  • By allpurposetype

    By the way, I was never given any sort of treatment for HepC even though I had been scheduled to start a few times in my life. Something always came up to keep me from following through until recently.

  • By suefone

    What do you mean by Radioactive spiders ?/

  • By highmaintenance

    So glad for your zero virual load count. Would you explain the “Radioactive Spiders” please.
    Keep up the diet.

  • By allpurposetype

    Radioactive spiders is nothing but my weird sense of humor referencing Spiderman. I still can’t swing from building to building with just a mere thin string although it might actually be fun if I didn’t have a fear of heights.

    By the way, it’s apparently back. I’m not 100% sure that the VA knows what the heck they’re doing other than making sure that they have me on a string..
    They recently called me back to inform me I still have the virus.
    The next time they tell me I’m cured I probably won’t believe what they tell me. My level of confidence in the VA is roughly equal to my confidence in the earth suddenly becoming bigger than Jupiter and Saturn combined.