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General Discussion

risk hcv

  • By ryan

    today I unaccidentally stabb a syringe for a printer ink into my finger when I washed it with dish soap (3x washed with dish soap) I was stabb after washing the third times, the syringe already use for printer before, then not used for 1 year, I do not know if the syringe is new or used in the past because it is bringing the employees of a shop, I also do not know the syringe unaccidentally already stabb into the hands of the employee before or not, I also do not know the employee they have hiv, hbv, hcv or not,i dont know is there blood stain or not before use for printer syringe.cause the syringe for medical use and used for printer ink,not specialized syringe for printer ink

    my question

    1) am I at risk of contracting the hcv?
    2) if yes and how many days/month after puncture syringe i should test?

    thank you,sorry for my bad english

  • By CaseyH Moderator

    Hi ryan,

    Thanks for your questions! I think we’re having a little difficulty understanding the translation of your post. However, to address the question of HCV transmission and risk, there isn’t a clear answer. Without knowing the history of the syringe and those who could have previously been stuck by it, it’s hard to determine what your risk of developing HCV is. It is probably not a bad idea to play it safe and get tested for HCV just in case. You can visit your local doctor’s office or hospital and tell them what happened to get their opinion, or let them know you want to get tested. Doing this sooner rather than later may help detect any potential virus earlier on.

    I hope this helped! Best, Casey ( Team)