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General Discussion

HCV tests

  • By Heynow

    So I am aware of the antibody test that is conducted is not a reliable test as it can cause false positives due to other antibodies.
    I also know about the rna tests which can tell you if you are currently infected or not.

    I really need help in knowing if there are more advanced antibody tests that can be done that would show if I ever had hepatitis c or not. ( I dont care about the costs)

    The reason being. I was told I came positive for an antibody test through red cross.
    Then I took the rna tests and came back negative.

    Now, I am going through a very high conflict custody battle. Where my EX is claiming that I cheated on her and got hepatitis C.
    I already know that it isnt usually contracted by sex and it is dumb.
    The problem I have is, the court system does not know medical research well.

    She is claiming I cleared the virus before I took the RNA tests.

    So I really need to know about any other tests available.

    Please do not respond if you cant help with what I ask for. Which is, if there are more precise tests. I am very aware of how wild and outrageous my EXs claim is.

    Thanks in advanced

  • By Susan Simon Moderator

    Heynow. There are no advanced tests of any kind to show that you had hepatitis virus
    , or just the antibody. My best suggestion is to have a doctor write a letter you can take to the court explaining that the antibody just shows that you were exposed to the virus at some point in your life, but it doesn’t mean you ever had the virus. Once exposed you will carry the antibody for life and you could have been exposed at any time. I hope this helps you. ~ Sue, Community Moderator

  • By Tash

    I agree with Sue, I got hep c from sex but I am cured & if your rna test came back negative you are not infected so all you can do is have a doctor explain this for the courts. I wish you the best of luck, I read things like this & am reminded to be grateful my son’s father supported me when I told him I was infected with hep c & am getting cured even though we aren’t together. I didn’t even realize hep c could be used against parents in the family courts in any way like that. Especially when there would be records they could find if you actually went & cleared the virus which in your case obviously there will be no such records of that.