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General Discussion


  • By shaun

    Hi their I have recently been diagnosed with hep c and I told my boss who instructed my employees to go and get blood tested and now they all know I have the virus I am really distressed in ever coming face to face with them again has anyone been in this situation?

  • By Ulfap

    I didnt do that because of stigma attached. You could tell your boss its highly unlikely anyone caught it from you unless you were sharing needles or such. Ive been married 32 years and my husband doesnt have it.(hooray!). I am in my 3rd month of treatment with harvoni and git the good news that i am responding to treatment. My viral load us way down as of my last tests.
    Good luck …peace and love.

  • By Ellen

    that’s bull !!! he violated your privacy rights if it was me I’d get a lawyer. and he’s an idiot. you wouldn’t give it to anyone in a casual situation. I’m so sorry he did that and your going through this. prayers ❤.

  • By CaseyH Moderator

    Oh my goodness, Shaun! I am SO sorry this happened to you!! How awful! I would encourage you to call the Help4Hep line at 877-help-4-hep (877-435-7443) as they might know more about your options in this situation (specifically legal options depending on how this situation unfolded). Again, I am so sorry this happened. This is so unfair to you, and my heart is hurting for you. Please keep us posted on this situation, and know we’re here for you whenever you need support! -Casey, Team