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Call It By Its Name & Take Away Its Power

I was diagnosed with hepatitis C fifteen years ago when I donated blood. I went to the nearest hospital where they verified it was hepatitis C. I was so scared and so ashamed I refused to go back to any doctor for fear of what they news they may have told me.

Thirteen years have passed and I had accepted my faith that one day I would die a horrible death. Throughout the last few years, I would see all the commercials about cures for hepatitis C and thought, well, maybe I will give it a try. Worst-case scenario would be doctor told me there was nothing they could do, and with that said I had already accepted my faith so no more harm is done.

My viral load was at almost 18,000 when I last had blood drawn. So I made my appointment with infectious disease and did more lab testing. I remember sitting in the waiting room that morning calmly when they called me to the examining room. I remember thinking while I answered their questions: don’t drink, don’t do drugs anymore, don’t eat simple carbs, don’t eat fats, take my vitamins, exercise and pray faithfully.

Then the nurse practitioner walked in and introduced herself as she sat and told me there was nothing they could do for me. I looked at her in shock while the tears began to fall from my eyes and roll down my cheeks. Then she said “No your viral load is 15. Big difference from almost 18,000. We do not treat 15. There is nothing to treat. Your body is ridding itself of the virus. Then the tears of joy came as I thanked her and ran to my car to call all my family and friends to share the good news. Go figure. Still cannot believe it.

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  • Randy moderator
    8 months ago

    Welcome DATLPN and thank you for a most incredulous story! I’m trying, as you said, to go figure and wow, I honestly can’t. I know of no data that suggests this can happen except during the first six months of infection also known as the “acute” stage at which time a person’s own immune response can rid the bloodstream of HepatitisC virus and leave simply positive Hep C antibodies. As happy as I know you are and would be SO happy for you as well I must say there is something amiss!
    When was it you had a viral load of 18,000 and was that test done by HCV RNA Quantitative PCR? Do you have a copy of that lab? Also, when people are cured their viral load is <15 or <12 Undetected so for a nurse to say yours is “15, there’s nothing to treat” makes no sense either. If you can count virii then there is virus to treat…. so I’m sure you see why I’m puzzled? Can you get a copy of this lab report? I believe one of these reports is incorrect because, sadly, HepatitisC does NOT go away on it’s own after 15 years. I share all this with you not to take away your joy but to encourage you to get a new viral load (HCV/PCR) done to make sure. Perhaps the first test was wrong and you never had chronic Hep C or perhaps you still are chronic; it’s truly important to find out. I’m glad you did not have to face any shame and have a strong support system with your family and friends! Again, thanks for sharing your story and PLEASE try and get answers to the questions I posed and copies of labs. Keep the faith, I’m sure this can be “figured” out my friend! Please let us know what you find out ok? All care~
    (Randy, Community Moderator)

  • Tash
    7 months ago

    I’m also confused by this for the same reasons. Were the labs taken & the results the NP said they were on the same day? I remember having to wait for many days to get my results back on my viral load. I also remember when I was taking my treatment to be cured that during one of the “checkpoint” appointments I had results of my viral load being at the <12 point & my doctor saying that was why treatment is taken for 8-12 weeks (mine was 12 weeks) because just because I was feeling dramatically better, the goal was to eliminate the virus indefinitely & get that viral load at "not detected". I was diagnosed & had finished my 12 weeks of treatment just weeks short of a year exactly which even in that short amount of time I was told that I would not be able to "get rid" of the virus without treatment. I would definitely try maybe getting another opinion or more tests done because even having 15 as a viral load would make me want to make sure that number turns to 0 one way or another. I also am curious about this story & what is found out about it! Best Wishes! – Tash

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