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Life is Good……..

Hi! I would like to share my story in hopes that it would plant a seed in baby boomers to have an HCV Antibody test…………

In my late 20’s I shared needles and became infected with the HCV virus. Fast forward to 2011………I had been feeling “not quite right” for about 8-10 years with worsening depression, body aches, migranes, stomach issues, tired constantly and fogginess. It was hard to keep up at work, which I never had a problem with before. Decided to leave work for a few weeks. I had not been to a Dr. In more years than I will admit, but my mental and physical health were suffering. So off to a MD I went!

Filling out the flurry of paperwork I met with my dr. The usual new patient questions and then she asked to see the palms of my hands. I had noticed for sometime that they were always red and itchy. I thought that it was a strange request but I showed her my palms. She just confirmed my age again and asked the year I was born…”1955″ and see that you were an IV drug user.

She then said to me, “I believe you have Hepatitis C”, and I’m ordering a full blood panel and an HCV antibody test to confirm my suspicion. I’m thinking “I don’t have Hep” and so I went home and did some research and was not pleased with what I read. The SOC (standard of care) at the time was the Triple therapy with Interferon or similar treatments. I was horrified by the side FX.

Test results came back and my dr. Told me “your test has come back positive for the HepC virus, you have GT1a.” I was stunned and couldn’t speak for a few seconds and then began to cry. I asked her “am I going to die of liver cancer?” She said “no” and proceeded to tell me about the available treatment option- triple therapy which included a weekly injection of a chemo-like drug. She had explained the side effects and I would treat for the 48wks and the treatment would be challenging or I may not have the SFX at all. I decided to treat and live no matter what. VL 31.5mil

I lasted only 5 wks due to horrible side effects, severe anemia, low potassium unable to eat or walk by myself and two blood transfusions. I really believed I was going to die. So I waited for a year and a half for something new to come along with a higher success rate for my genotype and it did! I was so afraid of the side effects of SovaldiRiba I almost said no treatment I’ll take my chances.

I began my 24wk Tx on Aug 2014 with a VL of 11.5mil and finished in Jan 2015. Within 21 days into my Tx I was UNDETECTED. I was elated and very hopeful I could now beat this. I have has subsequent lab work done and have still been undetected.

Currently I am waiting for the results of my EOT12 labs on Apr 9th and the three letters I have been waiting for……..SVR!!! No celebration espresso until then! 🙂 I fully expect to be cured, at last with a functioning liver after 30+ yrs.

So…for those of you that have yet to be Dx and those who are currently treating…there IS Hope, AND LIFE IS GOOD!…..

Good Luck and Speedy SVR

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