Life after Harvoni

I was diagnosed with hep C in 1993. I know exactly how I got it. I'm a barber and one day, I shaved a man and accidentally cut him and myself at the same time. Under all the shave cream, I didn't see the bump he had on his face. It scared me so bad that in the process, I cut myself. Shortly after the incidence occurred, I was diagnosed.

My treatment experience

I began the Harvoni treatment in 2015. I had mild side effects of nausea and headaches. But, overall, it went smoothly. After treatment, I was told I was clear of hep C.

Long-term effects

Now two years later, I am having so many health issues that I never had before. I am tired all the time and just want to sleep my days away. My lymph nodes keep swelling up, causing me extreme pain throughout my body. At times, the pain is so bad that I can't move my arm. I have had ultrasounds, MRI's, mammograms, and x-Rays, but so far, nothing has been detected. Next week, I have more test scheduled and another ultrasound.

Before treatment, I was symptom-free, even though I was considered chronic stage 1. I was being considered for a liver transplant due to my enzyme levels being so out of whack.

It's crazy how I was considered so bad before treatment but I felt pretty good ~ now I'm considered "cured" but feel so bad.

I am very petite and eat healthy. I don't drink or smoke, though I did in the past, prior to diagnosis. At this time, life doesn't feel so promising, being as sick as I am. I wish the cure brought about a more rewarding future.

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