Karma or Ignorance

I am 28 years old. I was recently diagnosed with HCV just 3 months ago. I have not been able to get into a doctors care or see a physician yet because I do not have insurance or money. I guess you could consider me poor. I was not lazy and neither was I a drug addict and still am not. I have had my ups and downs and experiments with drugs and unfortunately one of my curious nights have landed me with having this disease. I have been couch bound for what feels like a lifetime. I have always held a job down always supported myself up until about five months ago when I noticed extreme changes in my daily functions. One to be my energy levels. I was the first one of anyone to want to jump up and go on an adventure now it is extremely exhausting just to wash dishes or take my step daughter to the park. I’ve notice loss of attention, forgetfulness, and extreme depression. All these things I noticed before being diagnosed. I ended up losing my job for too many call outs because of fatigue. I then turned to other ways to make quick cash. There was a plasma bank in town so I took a visit and found out from blood work they do that I have hep c. I have no idea what direction to go in. My step dad was diagnosed with hep c three years ago and he has yet to receive any kind of treatment. It almost feels hopeless even though there is a cure now it seems out of reach for people like me. My credit is horrible I don’t qualify for any government help because I’m considered young and healthy but am I? I suffer from depression and anxiety prior to my diagnoses and have never taken anything for it due to my financial situation. I just feel like I have no choice but to sit and wait for these years and days to go by until the day comes that I just don’t make it to see another sunrise or sunset. I have been doing what I can to try and keep my hep c in control despite the way I feel. I take milk thistle daily and other vitamins and also use apple cider vinegar and other home remedy to ease the tole of having hep c. I have pain in my liver not a constant one but it comes and goes. Some nights I fall right to sleep from exhaustion from other nights of staying up tossing and turning trying to get comfortable and trying to keep my mind from racing. It’s been a rough five months now. And only three of them knowing I have hep c and not knowing how long Ive had it is scary.

Is it just now peaking because its getting worse? Is my liver giving in to the disease? Why am I all of a sudden having symptoms and some of them being violently apparent that they are there and they are real. Why am I going through all of these symptoms now when anything that could have lead to this was years ago in my past early 20s and late teens????

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