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My Hepatitis Story: Living with Both Hep B & C

I was diagnosed with both Hep B and C in the 90's after moving to Salem, OR. I remembered my 2nd Mom talked about hepatitis when I was young; how it was a bad disease and killed people.

My diagnosis journey

Now here I was diagnosed with said disease x2. I had my youngest Son Danny w/me at the time; I hate to admit this– but it was a methadone clinic that diagnosed me that day. I'm sure a lot of ppl will think I'm a terrible rotten Mother for bringing my child to a methadone clinic.. But the Truth is the truth; in my Heart I'm sure God forgives me. IF He can; so can y'all. Personally, I still feel pangs of guilt and go through my own 'drama' about it, but to know God forgives me- it's my only solace. I'd told my 2nd Mom of my diagnosis (and her Daughter) who used to be my best Friend.. They both didn't know I was going to a methadone clinic, and it took me yrs. to admit it to them.. When I finally told them about it they both just said they'd love me no matter what and not to worry. But I did; I still do, even tho it's been yrs; My 2nd Mom has passed.

Individualism is to be expected in these stories; in keeping this story such, but also accounting for the time involved, I'll cut to the chase. The day of diagnosis is permanently etched in your brain. My Son & I hopped on the bus and went home.. Where I flew into a rage of sorts~ (another shameful confession here).

Processing my diagnosis

Yelling and pounding the cupboards in our Apt. I carried on for 15-20 minutes. My Son was only about 7 so I calculate the yr. to be 94/95'. In any case, I'm still full of guilt and remorse to this day.. All the yrs. that have passed until now, the changes enormous.

Difficult side effects and complications

I've just recently experienced what having Hep C means. (The Hep B is dormant as I've never had an episode) Knock on wood. All of a sudden exhaustion and fatigue have replaced energy, and has nothing to do with methadone use. I know the difference since I've used methadone for pain management- for many years. Recently discovered I also have "Hypothyroidism" added to the mix. COPD and Failure/ongoing Kidney problems; diabetic neuropathy have hammered me down considerably.

Onto the future: treatment

Now I'm seeing a great Doctor at OHSU in Portland, OR for treatment of my Hep C. After the tests rendered, I'm in 4th stage liver failure. My Dr. says "Epclusa" is what will hopefully squash the Hep C into oblivion! I'll begin treatment early July and am kinda scared but very willing.. IF I'm able to stop Hep C's progression, that's what I'm gonna do, right?! Knowledge is power.. On that note I end my blithering, rambling account and bid you ado! Thanx for listening...

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