I donated blood in 1995. The blood bank sent me a letter advising me of my diagnosis. I sought help from a gastroenterologist who performed a liver biopsy, and then I started Interferon protocol.

Ten months later there was no change. Interferon was the roughest treatment, as many know. I continued to have fibrosis, which later became cirrhosis. Fortunately, the oral meds were approved and after two times per week, my hepatitis c was undetectable.

Three month later I completed the oral treatment. My labs are normal. Cirrhosis evolves. I am very careful with what I ingest. I get lab tests every four months and ultrasounds every six. I follow up with a hepatologist.

In the 70s I had several blood splashes and two needle jabs. I worked in the ICU. Stay on the Harvoni. Liver cancer from hep C cirrhosis is my fear.

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