HCV positive- 58 yr old

Last updated: October 2019

I don't know exactly when I contracted HCV but pretty sure it was back in the early eighties from IV drugs. Confirmed positive in 1999 from primary Dr. approx 33 yrs. Consider myself lucky to have never noticed any symptoms. Even though having used alcohol and drugs for many years. Also, have worked in a very physically demanding construction job for decades. Having been on methadone treatment I had regular bloodwork for years showed moderate inflammation with slight to moderately elevated liver enzymes. My Dr. referred me to G.I. specialist 6 months ago. My viral load was like 750.000. Treatment-naive.

Affordable Treatment

I'm very grateful to have been prescribed and insurance covered prescription for DAA drug Epclusa. I took my final dose tonite one a day 12 weeks. Experienced no side effects whatsoever and my bloodwork showed non-detectable for HCV virus. I'm very happy and hopeful for SVR 12-week mark. I was hesitant to take it initially after seeing others who had rough side effects. These new meds are saving a lot of lives. I lost my wife to liver disease as well as two close friends if they were available then they may have been saved. Wish everyone success god bless you all.

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