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Spotlight: Hepatitis C Symptoms, Side Effects, and Long-Term Impacts

Myth: "Hepatitis C only impacts the liver."
Fact: Hepatitis C can impact the whole body.

Millions of Americans have been diagnosed with hepatitis C - and we know how challenging it can be. In addition to dealing with hepatitis C stigma and barriers to treatment, hepatitis C can cause symptoms that affect the entire body.

Results from our 2019 Hepatitis C In America survey show that*...

  • 80% of patients experience fatigue
  • 65% experience muscle aches
  • 64% experience joint pain
  • 62% experience depression/anxiety
  • 57% experience cognitive difficulties

*Not cured, n=263

How hep C can impact the whole body

To learn more about the symptoms, side effects, and long-term impacts of hep C, check-out these feature articles!

The Cycle of Fatigue with Hepatitis C
"When you get the cycle of fatigue with hepatitis C, it’s easy to feel useless. You might not take good care of yourself because you’re so tired. Have you felt the cycle of fatigue with hep C? Before I treated for the hep C virus, my whole life was spent trying to feel better and get out of the cycle of fatigue with hepatitis C." Read more.

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How Hepatitis C Affects the Brain
"Hepatitis C is a disease caused by a virus that infects the liver. In addition to damaging the liver, research also shows that hepatitis C can cause other symptoms. Some people with hepatitis C may have problems with their skin, joints, or kidneys. Now, doctors are studying how hepatitis C affects the brain." Read more.

Managing Chronic Pain After A Hepatitis C Diagnosis
"Many people who have been diagnosed with hepatitis C also experience chronic pain (such as neuropathy and joint pain). Sadly, many patients also experience hepatitis C stigma, and stigma around pain and medications. In this article, we share options for managing chronic pain caused by hep C, seeing a pain management specialist, and more." Read more.

Muscle & Joint Pain with Hepatitis C
"Hepatitis C can also extrahepatic conditions to occur in the body outside of the liver. The hepatitis C virus can also cause inflammation in other parts of the body, causing joint and muscle pain. For example, arthritis, muscle pain and weakness, and blood vessel (vascular) problems can occur." Read more.

Symptoms of Hepatitis C
"Early symptoms of hep C can often mask as flu or a general un-wellness. Many of these symptoms are discounted until chronic fatigue appears, as well as other hep C symptoms such as fatigue, itchy skin, fever, dark urine, and nausea." Read more.

Life After Hepatitis C: Long-Term Effects & Extrahepatic Manifestations
"Even after treatment, hepatitis C can cause long-term health impacts on the body. Some people develop what are called extrahepatic manifestations, which occur when hep C impacts parts of the body outside of the liver, like the lungs, heart, skin, and brain." Read more.

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