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Hepatitis C Awareness Month 2021

Last updated: November 2022

This May, we are going to focus on bringing more awareness to hepatitis C. We do this while emphasizing the unity, knowledge sharing, and humility that makes this community strong. Living with hep C is not easy. Engaging with the community has shown us how good it can be to have a place where encouragement and support are on display.

Here at, we are choosing to celebrate Hepatitis C Awareness Month by raising attention and discussions around treatment and quality of life. Join us by sharing and connecting with others who also live with hep C!

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Want to get involved with our community? We would love that – here are a few ways:

Community Poll

What hepatitis C awareness efforts do you participate in?

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Join the community discussion

What would you like to share with others about hepatitis C? Join the discussion and tell us in our forums section!

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Share your hep C journey

Spread hepatitis C awareness by sharing your personal story. Some questions to consider:

  • Where are you in your hep C journey?
  • How are you feeling today?
  • Have you experienced treatment?

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Connect socially

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