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How long will it take to get an apppointment for diagnosis?

I just wonder why I have my first appt in 6 months? When I asked the doctors office they said I was not on any restrictions and it is a slow virus. I’m so worried.

Community Answers
  • Curious author
    8 months ago

    Hi Kimberly,
    Thanks for the reach out. I finally found out I’m stage 1 with no cirrhosis? They are going to contact me when the medication is approved for payment. I had so many questions for my doctor and every answer was positive. We laughed when I told her I felt like I was talking to a car salesman. She replied “and sometimes we feel like that.” I dont know what to expect from the medication. I wonder if I will feel worse while on the medication because right now I feel fine.

  • Kimberly Morgan Bossley moderator
    11 months ago

    Thank you for reaching out to us. May I ask what stage the doctors said you were? I know I was so scared being pushed off by doctors in the beginning. I was only a stage 1 back in 2006 shortly after my mom died of Hep C. I wanted to be treated immediately however, because I was such a low stage they said to hold off because back then the treatment was so harsh. Now days, the treatments are amazing. They only thing I can say personally is find out what stage you are and know that even though 6 months sounds forever, in the realm of hep c. It is typical to see doctors visits scheduled out that time frame. Keep us posted. Best wishes to you and remember :
    “not without a FIGHT!~HCV~ (c)
    Kimberly Morgan Bossley- Moderator

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