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What are “normal/average” virus loads BEFORE starting any treatment?

Just got the diagnosis. Virus load around 3.5 million.

Community Answers
  • Randy moderator
    2 years ago

    Hi NeleLeonie!

    In the older treatment days of interferon, one’s viral load made a prediction of how you may respond to treatment. This is no longer a predictive measure with the newer DAA’s (direct acting antivirals) My viral load was 9.5 million at start of treatment and I cured… many are even higher and they cure. As Casey said, viral loads fluctuate up and down all the time. My favorite “go to” about viral loads is: “they are important to know about twice; first, to confirm you have chronic hep c and last, to watch it disappear” 🙂
    We all wish you the very best treat and cure!! Randy, Community Moderator

  • CaseyH moderator
    2 years ago

    Hi NeleLeonie, thanks for your question! I’m so sorry to hear about your recent diagnosis. Please know we’re here for you! As far as viral loads, they can vary greatly from person to person. This article is really helpful as far as explaining viral loads and listing some common ranges, Over 800,000 IU/mL or 2 million copies/mL (they mean the same thing, it just depends what units your viral load was measured in) is considered to be high before starting treatment. This cut off can vary from doctor to doctor though, based on the individuals they’ve seen and their response to treatment. Your doctor will help you determine where you fall on the viral load scale, and how you might respond to treatment. If you do get a chance to talk with your doctor about this, let us know what they say! We’re sending positive thoughts your way! -Casey, Team

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