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Should I have someone come in and take care of me until I get rid of this disease?

Community Answers
  • Rick Nash moderator
    11 months ago


    That depends on your abilities and if you have other situations in your life which make the ailment hard to do essential tasks for.

    Few people with Hep C need a caregiver, but when liver damage gets severe enough, it can become helpful, and then necessary top have one.

    For the vast majority of people with Hep C the answer to the question is not really. Because of the low treatment times, (8-12 weeks) the minimal side effects, and the efficacy of the new DAA treatments (96+%)

    Hep C has become something that people can push past with little disruption to their life. I worked during my first four treatments, but once I was on disability, others were there to help me.

    A support network is a better overall plan (not that it can’t include a caregiver,) people around you who can help in circumstances, and can help share your burden with you.

    I hope this helps

    -Rick Nash (six time treatment dragonslayer and transplant recipient)

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