Do you experience brain fog? Any tips for managing it?

Brain fog is a common symptom for those with hepatitis C and hepatic encephalopathy. If you’ve experienced brain fog, do you have any tips for managing this symptom?

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  • kathleenjames
    6 months ago

    I had 7 weeks od 12 weeks on epclusa for hep C and cirrhosis of the liver stage 4. The first seven weeks I was in a brain fog I barely remember anything after starting the medication. My doctors nor nurse practitioners warned me for any of the side effects that would come with the medication. On 3 weeks my viral load was 0 but I have cirrhosis stage 4 so I have a long way to go. Most of the information I learned about epclusa hepatitis C and cirrhosis stage 4 I had to learn for myself online or on forums. One thing I want people to be aware before they start any medication such as harvoni or epclusa is that they are Black Box medications. I never heard those words before and only found them out online. I tried to talk to my doctor about them but they were not clear and evasive. It’s up to you as a patient to be extremely aware of the medications that are going in your body and how they will affect you. Everyone is different but the side effects are pretty much the same. Fatigue tiredness feeling disconnected from your body from your brain. Times have never been able to get out of bed except for to do the bare necessities of life. I know that the medications are the only way to be cured or to feel better but you need to please be aware of the side effects of go along with them. Then you have a choice whether you want to take them or not. The bad thing about it is you can be on it for 12 weeks be off and then still have to go through the same regiment again. That is frightening and I wonder if it would all be worth it. Good luck to all of

  • Kimberly Morgan Bossley
    6 months ago

    Best suggestion is contacting your doctor and sharing your symptoms. There is medication to help. also, I have found that more water and less red meats are best. Lots of dark leafy greens too. Best wishes to you.

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