What's the Truth About Natural Cures for Hepatitis C

What's the Truth About Natural Cures for Hepatitis C

There are a lot of claims about natural cures for Hepatitis C. Many believe that herbs are the best way to keep the virus at bay. Others swear that a good diet will prevent the virus from harming your liver. Some feel that staying free from some pain, through use of cannabis, is a method that will help reduce inflammation. I’ve even heard that keeping peaceful through mindfulness meditation can help control or reduce the harmful effects of the Hep C Virus. Do natural cures for Hepatitis really work?

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Trying Natural Cures for Hepatitis C

Herbs for Hepatitis C

There are claims of milk thistle acting as a liver calming agent. It acts as a way of pulling toxins from the liver according to some. There are other herbs that can support liver health. None of these herbs can ever totally get rid of the virus. Once you have a long term battle with Hep C, you are going to need medication to help get rid of it.

Diet for Hepatitis C

Nutrition is an important part of any plan to treat the Hepatitis C Virus. Ignoring your diet can lead to complications. For example, too much sodium can lead to ascites or portal vein hypertension. Loading up on unhealthy carbohydrate fatty foods can cause your liver to get overwhelmed. Eating large amounts of meat can lead to ammonia overload. This is especially true if you have any stage of cirrhosis.

Cannabis Oil

This herb is legally used for medicinal purposes in some states. Although it claims an ability to help with many disease, it has not been reported to be a cure for Hep C. Some will say that it reduces body pain by lowering the level of inflammation. This is supposed to allow the body to heal more. That is why some claim that therapeutic use of marijuana, or cannabis oil, or both are a natural cure for Hep C. There are not any studies to back up these claims. Most of them are stories passed by word of mouth. Medical science does not back it up right now.

Mindful Meditation

Few will argue that mindfulness is bad for you. It can help your body to feel calmer without the use of drugs. It can also help reduce the desire for sugar or other foods to help a person to feel alert. It has even been proven to help with pain management. No one will ever be able to claim that mindfulness alone is a cure for Hep C. It is a great tool to be used before treatment. It helped me a lot during my treatment. Now, Hep C-free, I still meditate regularly for mental health and peace of mind.

When you read about natural cures for Hepatitis C, be sure and get all the information. It is smart to take vitamins that support liver health. A good diet can provide the nutrition we need while treating. Meditating and using other tools can help us to remain in a calm and balanced state while getting ready for Hepatitis C treatment.

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