a row of airplane seats has one female passenger with a mask on and a worried look as the person behind her coughs

My Hepatitis C Battle: Coping with a Weakened Immune System

A weakened immune system is something not to take lightly. Whether you are fighting hepatitis c or liver disease, your immune system could be compromised by treatment or medications you might be on.

Cold and flu season after hepatitis C

Following my hepatitis C many years ago, I visited my liver doctor for my routine check up. He suggested that I avoid heavily-populated areas such as grocery stores or malls. At the time, he warned me that my system was weak and fighting to get back on track after my bout with food poisoning. I asked if I should get the flu shot this year and like all the previous years prior, he said I should not, given my own personal health history and my liver health; My treatment history (which included chemotherapy) and such my immune system could not handle the flu vaccine, he said. He thought my would be able to build-up the immunity to needed after the infection. Instead, we talked about ways I could protect myself from colds and flu. I was instructed to take vitamin C and eat a diet enriched with vitamins, including lots of leafy greens, fruits, and nuts.

Travel safely

Years ago, pre-COVID, I was on a plane traveling. In normal circumstances, I would not wear a mask. (I carry one in my bag, but have never used since early on in my chemo days). Upon boarding, I heard so many people around me coughing, sneezing, and stuffy. The longer I sat listening, trapped in this confined space, I began to worry. Knowing my health situation, I thought it was in my best interest to put on my mask and take care of myself. It can be uncomfortable to be in public wearing a mask, but with all the flu, viruses, and such going around, if we don’t take precaution for our health, no one else will.

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