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Why The Urgency to Get Treated?

Feeling pressured to go to the doctor and get treatment? This could be an overly sensitive topic for a person who has just been diagnosed with hep C.

Receiving a hep C diagnosis

For some people, here you are, struggling with the simple fact you have hepatitis c and trying to process that alone.  So many emotions filing your mind. It seems you are getting bombarded every which direction with questions and demands; You may not be sure where to begin. You begin researching about hep C, joining a few Facebook support groups, trying to understand what you have been diagnosed with. You may feel timid to reach out for help or with your questions, fearing judgement. For some people, you are really just a private person and prefer to sit back and learn from reading other posts, etc.

As you can articles and read posts from other patients, you are bombarded with the phrase "GET TREATED". In my experience, anxiety may begin to fill your body, feelings of anger and despair that you now have hep C. You begin to get frustrated in reading about the urgency to get treated.

When you see the term "get treated"

I am here to dissect the term "Get treated". I hope to put a reality to the term being used and why the urgency exists behind getting treated. In my experience, the people writing this, more than likely, have lived through the worst part of hep C; Many have possibly treated with the horrible past treatments of interferon and are now living with the long-term side effects that hepatitis C has done to their bodies. These long-term side effects they describe are ones that have permanently damaged their bodies, either because they were not diagnosed with hep C early and severe liver damage was done, or they put off being treated because of fear of treatment and may now have bad liver damage. 

Please know that the comments and urgency in their voices are not to be nosey in your business and be controlling over your personal health, but in my view, rather their comments are out of 2 different scenarios: The first, wishing they had the choice sooner to treat their hepatitis c or wishing they were diagnosed sooner, or second, they now live daily with the horrible side effects of end stage liver disease damage caused by hep C. These people have been in your shoes at some point in their hep C journey. Through experience they want to spare you the pain caused by ignoring or putting off lifesaving treatment.

Treatment option

There are so many amazing treatments available now; Really, the side effects of these treatments are mild and minimal. The bonus part about these treatments is they are taken orally, one pill a day for 8-12 weeks. That's it!

Talk to your doctor about what treatment best suits your hepatitis C.  If you are concerned about these treatments, ask questions to those who have already been on them. Seek advice from online forums, such as those on Hepatitisc.net.

Do not get scared when you read about the urgency to start treatment; It is coming from a place of caring individuals that are looking out for the best for your liver health. All of us here at HepatitisC.net are willing to answer any questions you may have. Keep in mind, we are not doctors and cannot make those comments on your liver health, but through personal experience, we would love to support you on your liver journey

Not without a FIGHT! ~HCV~©

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