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I Was Just Diagnosed with Hep C... What Do I Need to Know?

If you were just diagnosed with hep C and wonder what you need to know, here’s some fast tips for you. Even though hepatitis C is a virus that impacts the liver, the effects can spread way beyond. It can disturb how your body processes food, how much energy you have, your sleep patterns, and even your mood. We’ll break it down for you. Soon you’ll be feeling less stressed and ready to treat and get rid of the virus and start a new life.

Right thinking

Sometimes people who are just diagnosed with hep C aren’t even sure what they need to know. If there have been problems holding a job because you felt poorly, money may be a problem. Sometimes hepatic encephalopathy or brain fog causes confusion.

Simply, you may not feel like yourself. In that case, there may be relationship issues. Your own family may not be able to really understand how to help you. This is where you can talk to your doctor, and ask for help. Your friends in a forum may be a huge source of support too.

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Physical activity

You may be feeling a little less energetic after being diagnosed with hep C. It’s important for you to stay as active as possible. First talk to your doctor and ask what exercises or physical activity is best for you. If you have advanced liver disease, you may have limits regarding a high heart rate due to portal hypertension. If you still have good liver function, you probably have more options.

Let's get physical! Here are some ideas...

  • Get outdoors and go for a walk whenever possible
  • Ride a stationary or regular bicycle
  • Work out with a video or online class
  • Use hand held weights at home
  • Household chores like sweeping or dusting may be exercise
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Good nutrition

Try to limit the amount of cakes and pies. Junking out on half a bag of cookies or filling up on chips isn’t that great for you either. Another item to cut back on is sugary drinks. Even too much fruit juice can be harder to digest if you have a weakened liver from hep C.

Eat healthy portions of protein 2 or 3 times a day. Chicken, fish, beef and eggs all count. If you prefer veggie protein, go for quinoa, beans, and nuts. Grains are good anytime, and oatmeal, or rice cereals are comfort food while you’re on treatment too. Whole grain bread is especially good with nut butters.

Try to go with salads or veggies at least 2 times a day. Avoid too many low fiber foods. You can check the label and see if it’s got a high carbohydrate content. Your body needs quality foods to feel good.

When you are just diagnosed with hep C, "What do I need to know?" is a common concern. Here at HepatitisC.net, we want to help you find the answers.

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