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From the Community: Hepatitis C Treatment Experiences

Hepatitis C presents so many challenges. Many people living with hep C do not yet know that they have it. Others who have received a diagnosis are struggling to get the treatment they need. A hepatitis C diagnosis can be frustrating, and even scary.

To learn more about the journeys of our community members, we asked our Facebook followers: “Which best describes everyone’s current treatment experience?”. Nearly 50 community members responded. Here is what was shared.

Waiting for treatment coverage

“Hoping and praying for treatment.”

Many of you are waiting to see if insurance will cover treatment for hepatitis C. Unfortunately, right now, many insurance companies only cover hepatitis C treatment for the sickest people. This means that many people in the earlier stages of chronic hepatitis C or liver disease are just waiting to see if things get worse. And yet, to receive other treatments, you only qualify if your liver has not been too damaged.

This may all sound frustrating, but there is hope. It might be worth looking at assistance programs from drug companies, patient advocacy groups, and nonprofit healthcare groups. They may have programs to help with treatment costs.

It is hard to live with hepatitis C and feel like you do not have options for treatment. If you do not have insurance, you may still be able to get help. There are many programs that help people with hepatitis C get the care they need.

No plans for treatment

“No treatment. I do not have insurance.”

“No treatment planned.”

“No insurance. No treatment planned.”

Some of our community members have been diagnosed with hepatitis C but do not have plans for treatment at this time. Many of our are dealing with other health or life issues first, while others just haven't figured out their next steps yet. No matter where you are in your treatment plans, the community is here to support you.

Currently doing treatment

Several members of our community are currently undergoing treatment. Again, it can be tricky to even receive treatment, so this is a great next step to take. Current treatments for hepatitis C are much more effective than those from 10 or 20 years ago.

Waiting for results

“I have bloodwork next week to see if Epclusa worked.”

Several of our community members have finished treatment and are now waiting for the final results. We are lucky to be living in a time when there is a cure for hepatitis C. Epclusa is one drug option that has a cure rate of about 98 percent. Being cured means that tests show no hepatitis C virus in the blood.


“Treated and cured.”

“I went through a 14-month interferon regimen and was a non-responder. I was kept on a maintenance dose and listed for transplant. Then, after another 3 months, I got a liver transplant. Then, after 11 months, I went on another interferon regimen and it worked! Clean since 2009.”

“Went through interferon with success.”

“Treated with interferon and Ribavirin. That was 20 years ago.”

Many of you have found ways to get treatment - and are now cured! It is great to see that many of you shared that your treatments were successful.

Thank you to everyone who shared responses. It is our hope that our community members are able to learn from the experiences of others.

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