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Healing Brain Fog and Hepatitis C

Healing from the pain of brain fog and hepatitis C top my list of life’s most humbling experiences. Looking back at some of my words, actions, and decisions during the times I was sickest, it’s a miracle I’m alive. One day, I even ran out of the hospital. I truly believed that they had mixed up my records with someone else. I had a lot to learn about liver disease.

Most of us move past this experience after curing, but we also remember a prickly pain stuck deep inside of us. It can bring shame and sadness when I look back. If you live with the pain of brain fog, I hope these steps to HEAL will help you to move forward into a health and healing. You'e not alone.

Getting cured, and starting to heal

H is for healing. Curing the virus is crucial. Hep C treatment is easier on your body than ever before. My old treatment lasted almost a year. Now, you have options to heal your liver before it progresses to end stage like mine did. The healing begins the minute your viral load goes down. You’ll know the difference. It’s that fast.

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E is for being easy on yourself about what is really going on inside your body. By reading this blog about healing the pain of brain fog and hepatitis C, you’re on your way. Taking steps to get rid of the virus is first. During treatment, lifestyle and nutritional changes are easier for you too.

Brain fog: A silent symptom of liver disease

A is for accepting that you need help and healing to prevent ammonia from causing more brain fog. Hepatitis C inflames the liver, and it doesn’t really matter if you have cirrhosis or not. The virus attacks your liver and sends out messages of alarm through your whole body. The immune alarm system prevents you from processing foods well. Toxins in your blood lead to ammonia on your brain.

L stands for linking to care, and it is the best step you can take. That means finding a caring clinic or medical provider who will help you get the treatment for HCV. There are so many ways to get treatment paid for today. There are people in almost every community to help serve those who suffer from hepatitis C.

The muddy waters of brain fog

After a painful episode of brain fog with hepatitis C, my nurse took pity on me. She let me sleep in a clinic room. After that, she saw my need for healing from brain fog with Hepatitis C. She made calls and filled out paperwork to help me get some assistance. I will never forget her caring heart. She treated me with respect, even though I was zoned out and confused.

Like you, I remember too, the pain of brain fog and Hepatitis C. Every day that we keep pressing on toward health and healing, the brain fog and hepatitis C memories grow more distant. Remember, when you feel overwhelmed or confused, that there is help. Take hope knowing there is a cure. By going through the process to heal your liver, you can swim out of the muddy waters of brain fog.

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