Take Time to Rest: Dealing with Hepatitis C Fatigue

Having lived with hepatitis C for over a decade (knowingly) and more correctly my whole life (since birth), I was not aware of the toll it takes on one’s body. For me, fatigue was a big killer of my days. I was tired all the time. If I was out at grocery store or just running errands, it was like I would need time to find a place to sit down. My legs would be screaming at me. Once the fatigue set in, my mind would then follow with cloudiness and zoning out. I am contacted about this frequently and asked if this is normal.

Fatigue is the most common effect of hep C

My answer to that, based on my own personal experience is YES. Fatigue is the number one side effect of one fighting hepatitis C.  I have found by resting more throughout my day, my symptoms of extreme fatigue are minimized, but it does not eliminate it fully. I laugh with others who also have hep C about how we sleep all day and are up all night. That is also a true statement. It can disrupt one’s life pretty good if you get in habit of your sleep schedule changing from night today. My experience has been that of which I limit the time of my naps. I found more frequent short naps work better for my body. Then I am not disrupting my evening sleep by getting too much sleep during the daytime. During work, even if I take a 5-minute break to close my eyes and refresh, this seems to do so much for me. 

Ignoring my fatigue

I know when I have pushed my limits in a day, I become cranky and short with anyone and everyone. My patience with people is so out of my normal.Those close to me know the signs now and help me to slow down and rest. I learned awhile ago that it is ok to not be everything to everyone and do it all right now. Your health is far too important and needs your attention to help fight hep C. Try to learn to shut off the outside world and take time for you.

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