Remaining Positive While Living With Hep C

I was contacted via email recently and this person asked me “How do you remain so positive all the time?”

After sitting there pondering this question and wanting to answer it with honesty and truth. This was my response to this question:

“Thank you for reaching out to me and seeking advice.  I know this is a very scary and uncertain time for you. I understand when you said you have bad depression and anxiety.  I will admit in the very beginning I struggled very badly with depression and I was angry all the time. So, for you to say you are having these feelings and are scared, you are not alone.  It is a normal response. When anyone gets news of a health crisis or is blindsided by a lab report, all these sorts of emotions can take place.

What helps to remain positive with hep C

What I found however for myself was after spending so much time in that dark place robbed me of the joy of being there for my kids.  This meant for me being aware and participating in their lives, not just going through the motions. 

I strongly suggest getting into a counseling office or seeking out your pastoral mentor for guidance and help through this.

I want you to know that this happiness I carry now was me working hard to see this disease as a blessing, not a curse. I spent many tearful days and nights asking God why. 

It took time and that is something you need to know.  It can happen to you as well.  You can begin seeing light at the end of the tunnel. 

Seek out a hep c mentor whom you can connect with and help you as well. I do recommend signing up with the community and getting to know the other advocates out there sharing their own stories. 

We all come from different backgrounds and various ways we were infected.

If you are spiritual, seek out God's word and know that he only gives the biggest battles to those he knows can handle it. This was huge in my progress back to finding happiness and joy.

I removed anything negative in my life including friends, family, TV news, and surrounded myself with those who supported me, lifted me and I let that negative go. 

Getting rid of the negative around you

You can't live a positive life surrounded by negative. 

My wish for you is that you too find that peace, joy, and happiness. There is so much positive in the hepatitis c world now.

A cure exists and it just takes you making that first step to get the treatment.

We know that life is hard and like this person who reached out to me, we all could use a hand to lift us from time to time.  That is nothing to be ashamed about either. 

Together we are strong. Not without an fight!

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