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Quick Cure Remedies Aren't the Answer

Once I was diagnosed with hep C, I went on a search to learn all about it. Sadly, what I found was a lot of so-called get cured quick fixes.

I then began getting messages from friends who were by no means trying to be nosey or critical but just trying to help me. They sent me crazy suggestions such as sitting north-facing and drinking some potion that would miraculously cure me. 

These people loved and cared deeply for me. I am sure were worried for me and they were only wanted to help me live longer.

I appreciated their thoughts, that they cared for me, and that they were only trying to help. However, I learned more truth about hep C, and I realized there is no such thing as a quick-cure fix. 

There is no such thing as getting cured quickly

Most schemes are actual scams that are just trying to make money quickly off others being sick.  

Trust me, and let this sink in. Please know this is coming from my heart.

Doctors would have known and promoted this so much sooner if there were an “easy” way to cure this disease. We all want to believe in miracles, and trust me; I admit I myself have tried these scams to fix hep C myself.   

I only ended up very sick as my liver was damaged and was unable to process everything.

Do your research; trust those that have gone through this before you. Please seek advice from them and from your doctors.

You don’t want to be reaching for the stars only to get sicker.

The real cure for hep C

Actual hep C cures are the cures available today. These are created by pharma companies that have spent time and energy developing them. I am a living testimony to a clinical trial of one of these cures.

Please don’t fall for schemes and potentially deadly things, even some herbs, as your liver is fragile and may not handle it well. Trust me. I lived through this myself.     

This is nothing I would want to repeat. I was so sick.

If it's too good to be true, then leave it alone.

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