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Questions to Ask at Your First Doctor's Visit for Hep C

Going into your physician for the first time after being diagnosed with hep C can be frightening. You have your thoughts all over the place: Feeling scared, uncertain, feelings all over the board, and if you are like myself, I was in shock. I was not prepared going into my first visit. All I wanted to do was cry and hide away.

But, I am here to say if you can have a few questions written down on a little sticky note prior to going into the doctor, this might help you be calmer and in control so to speak.

Questions to ask the doctor

Here's what I wished I had asked that first day...

  1. What are the steps we will now need to take in my liver care?
  2. Will I need a liver biopsy?
  3. What over-the-counter medication should I be taking or not taking?
  4. Are their precautions I need to take so I do not expose my family?
  5. Can I get my insurance prequalified for treatment?
  6. Do you have any literature I can take home regarding hep C?
  7. Do I need to change my diet?
  8. Once we know my full liver story, so to speak, how long before I can start treatment?
  9. How many other patients do you see with hep C?
  10. Symptoms I am experiencing that are unusual, especially brain fog or not able to hold any food down

Being informed about hepatitis C

Back in early 2005, there was nothing about hep C out there. I found a couple of books my liver specialist later had wrote and I studied those cover to cover. I wanted to know everything there was about hep C.

Knowledge is power with this disease. You must remain in charge of your liver health. If your family doctor does not seem too familiar with hep C, I would probably do some research and find a liver specialist in your community or surrounding community. Make sure that your questions get answered and you feel more in control after the appointment.

You are your best advocate. I also recommend taking another person whether a family member or friend with you to the appointment. If you are like I was,  I was overwhelmed with information and did not retain but maybe half, so it helped having my daughter go to help me remember things. Remember all of us here at Hepatitisc.net understand your feelings and can help anyway we can with advise and education. If you have questions, message us. We are here for YOU.

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