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Wellbeing and Hepatitis C: Keeping a Positive Attitude

Keeping your thoughts positive... even when you are feeling tired, in pain, and not up to par. It’s so hard to stay in the groove when things around us start falling apart. I know when I get stressed or begin to worry about a liver test scan, I begin to lose my perky pep in my attitude; I become more somber and withdrawn. This then triggers those around me to become alarmed because this is not my normal. Staying positive and managing your wellbeing with hepatitis C is tough. I share what's helped me hold things together.

How I stay positive

I do pretty good each day starting off my day with a nice cup of coffee and giving thanks for being alive and awake. I then grab my journal and jot down things on my mind. Somedays, there is not much to write; other days, I am listing the many things that I am stressing over or worrying about. After getting everything paper, I can realize the extent of my energies being focused on things I can’t control or have any direction towards. It is usually medical exams or results from a scan I had done. I will admit, liver cancer at my stage is a big concern for myself, but now, I don’t carry that burden of worry in the forefront of my thoughts because I have learned to tune out those and be more positive.

Wellbeing and hepatitis C: anxieties

That is what has gotten me through some difficult times in my hepatitis C fight. Had I become negative, resentful, and bitter, I do not believe I would be sitting here today with the health I have. Granted, I am by no means better as far as my liver stage, but... I am not where I was either. I believe my thoughts direct my body and its functions; So, I feel good. Fortunately, my tests come back in the normal range for my stage of liver disease. That, alone, is something to be grateful for.

Coping with setbacks

But what does one do if they were just diagnosed with hepatitis C, or got another rejection letter from the insurance company? How does one remain positive during those times? Well, let me tell you a secret... There is no exact remedy. But I will say... Getting your mindset right and surrounded with positive influences is the best thing you can do for your fight with hepatitis C. Sure, you are going to feel mad, angry, disappointed – we all do. But after you have a moment to vent and let out these negative emotions... close that door. Do not walk back into it.

Keep fighting

Get a piece of paper and list your next steps. Whether it is contacting your insurance to resubmit or whatever, the more you get active in your own care, the more power you give your mind and your body that things will be ok. If you get that negative message in your day, acknowledge it and then redirect that negative into a positive productive way to move forward. Getting into support groups helps so much. It allows you a place to vent, get affirmed in your thoughts, and then the push to move forward; Surround yourself with upbeat positive people to help you fight a positive fight.

Don’t get stuck dwelling on things you can’t change at the moment. Focus on what you can do and keep moving forward. Take care of your mental and physical wellbeing while living with hepatitis C. If one door closes, beat on the next. DO not take “no” for an answer.

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