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The Waiting Game: Tests Results & Treatment

Are you waiting for test results and have not heard anything?  This can certainly be nail-biting time. For me, I am the most anxious when I have had a liver scan, biopsy, or blood work to show the status of my hep C. Undetected is what I always want to see from here on out, but trust me, I still get nervous; These tests can’t be performed quickly enough for me!

Coping with test-result stress

There are no magic words that I can share to ease your anxiety. I can’t really say “Don’t worry!”, as I know that feeling, and even to this day, I STILL have the same anxiety. Just know that once you do get answers, it did you no good to spend a week or so worrying over it. You are only causing your body discomfort in doing so. My advice? Relax and preoccupy yourself to get through the waiting game.

Waiting for treatment

I had a gentleman call me the other day. He was diagnosed in 2014 with hep C.  Like me, he was told his hep C was "not bad enough to be treated yet" and was told to do follow-up visits every 6 months. He reached out, asking what he can do during this “waiting period" to make sure his liver disease does not go worst.

I suggested eating a clean, healthy diet full of vegetables, fruits, and low fats. I believe that this means absolutely no alcohol, getting plenty of rest, and hydrating well. Water is everyone’s best friend.  Stay away from certain shellfish, as they can contain organisms dangerous to damaged livers.

No one should have to wait for treatment

I do not know when things across the country will start to change and when the restrictions on who is treated will be lifted. I do know that in Michigan, this has been changed. No longer are they only treating those stage 3 and higher, but have now opened up treatment to include all stages of the disease. This is wonderful news for those playing the dreadful waiting game.

I know it is frustrating, and it fills our minds with unnecessary worry and anxiety, but in the mean time, do your best to do your part by maintaining good diet, sleep, and hydration. We will soon be seeing you cross that finish line as well. Things are beginning to change for those with hep C. It is slow, but I am here to share that it is going in the right direction. Stay focused.

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