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Overwhelming Thoughts About Hep C

Being diagnosed with hep C can be very overwhelming and scary. There is no doubt about that.

I will vouch for the fact I was full of all sorts of emotions, anger, fear, and sadness, but nowhere in my diagnosis did I feel happy, excited, and full of joy.

Being diagnosed changed everything

My life became different overnight. No longer did I feel like a whole person but rather one that was under a shadow and magnifying glass.

There were so many follow-up appointments that I had to schedule. I was forced to “live” this nightmare over and over. 

Any doctor’s office I was instructed to go to for testing was forced to indicate why I was there and the reason for a test or bloodwork. I became numb and so confused with many requests for doctor’s visits and tests.

My life was now centered around my liver, and I was eating and breathing thoughts of my liver health daily. 

Life as I knew it was no longer.

Gradually, I have learned to live with my new normal through the years. It was not easy, but once I learned to let the stress of the diagnosis go and be in the moment, each doctor visit will pass quickly, and you will be thankful when it is over.

Listen to your doctors advice

Keep in mind, however, that your medical professional handling your hep C understands and needs to have you do the required testing

This is to ensure the proper and utmost health care for you. They do not get joyed to see you hurting or struggling with hep C. 

They are there to help guide you to being cured. Listen to them and follow the instructions they give you.

Even if it is pertaining to your liver health diet. It would help if you were not consuming alcohol or eating high sugary or fatty foods.   

Instruction to obtain or teach these diets protects you and gives you tools to beat hep C.

Next time you are waiting for that ultrasound or MRI, think of this post and know you are not alone in this fight. All of us in this community have sat in those chairs, been poked so many times, and can relate to you.

Just keep doing what is instructed and stay strong.

Not without a FIGHT! ~HCV~©

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