Other People's Opinions Should NOT Matter: Disclosing A Hepatitis C Diagnosis

Last updated: February 2022

Having hepatitis C may subject you to many different thoughts and opinions from those around you. Some people you know and are close to, others are purely observers. I want to focus on those types of acquaintances first.

Just diagnosed with hepatitis C

Recently, I was out and talking to a lady who had been diagnosed with hep C. Not only was she terrified and unsure, but she was insecure in her own thoughts and opinions. She was just getting used to the diagnosis and did not have the verbiage or means to discuss this with an outsider.

She told me she was out at lunch with a friend and was disclosing her recent findings of having hepatitis C. She explained that it was not loud conversation. We all tend to whisper when talking about this topic. But regardless, the person sitting in the booth next to her, upon leaving the restaurant, felt it was her right to come over to this lady and friend.

Unwelcome opinions from others

Her words were sarcastic and unwelcome. She proceeded to say “You know, if we would have taken better care of our bodies and not shot up, this disease would not be rampant”. The lady was just was diagnosed starred down at the table, mortified that this woman was demeaning her in front of her friend. Not saying a word, the friend grabbed her hand after this woman left and said to her “Don’t you mind people that feel it is ok to butt into others conversations. She does not know your history and shame on her for projecting onto you. It is no one’s business about your past as well, you don’t even owe me an explanation”.

As she shared this with me, her eyes filled with tears and I could feel her pain. This is so true. We will face many that feel it is their right to shame, degrade, and demean you without knowing the facts. Unfortunately, this includes doctors. I have personally learned to get thicker skin and only address those who I feel need to be addressed; Otherwise, their thoughts and opinions do not pertain to my life.

We all deserve a cure

We all deserve that cure, no matter how we acquired hep C. Let that negative go around you. Ignore and keep moving forward.

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